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For You Daddy


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I see you laying there all small in the bed

I just can't help but feel sorry

For the things that I've said


You look so weak and vulnerable

That I just want to cry

But I need to be strong for you

So you don't wonder why


I wish I could heal you

And bring you home

My poor little daddy

Seems all alone


I remember the day

When I picked up the phone

It was the doctor who said,

"I don't know when he'll come home"

He's in a coma

Banged up real bad

There are bandages on his head

And more scars to add


I just looked at you in disbelief

I couldn't believe my own eyes

There you were just laying there

So helpless

I wanted to cry

But still I stayed strong

In case you woke up

And began to wonder why


It's now been 10 weeks

Since that frightful day

And I still can't get the image to fade away

All I see is you laying there

Alone in the road

Alone and so scared


I pray every night that your pains will heal

Or that we will just wake up

And find it wasn't real


I know the angels were with you that night

They knew you had a daughter

Who loves you with all her might

They watch over me everyday

So daddy please don't worry

They are taking care of me

While you are away.


tell me what ya think-Liv

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