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Tortoise and the Hare**


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I can totally relate. More often than not, it's all about timing. It takes two people, who are attracted to one another, compatible and most of all, you both have to be in a position to make a relationship happen. After all, consider how many people who walk in and out of our lives, yet we will never experience a relationship with them, because they're either already taken, just out of a relationship, focusing on themselves, there's no attraction or compatibility, among a million other reasons. Also, many times one person is moving much faster or slower than the other and break ups tend to happen as a result not being in sync with one another,


I feel as though my most recent relationship happened as well as ended as a result of timing, whether good or bad. In the end, she realized that she needed to focus on herself and her illness/disability for a good while. She was also only about a year or two out of a long term relationship/marriage when we first met. However, we didn't consider the timing and implications of moving as fast as we did before we both fully got our sh*t together, so to speak. Because we were so compatible, the attraction was so strong, we were both single at the time and a good number of other excuses we told ourselves were more than enough reason to immediately jump into a relationship, we both didn't want to pass up the opportunity. But, because we rushed into things, instead of taking time to first mature, become self-supportive and independent, get to know one another much better and so on, it all ultimately caught up with us and we were forced to suspend our relationship (perhaps indefinitely, as much as I hope it isn't true) until we are both in a place and time to perhaps start over.


Perhaps if we did take that time up front, we'd be starting in a much better position now. Then again, it might have never happened if we didn't take advantage of the opportunity, when it presented itself.

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