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needing to vent

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hey guys. i just want to vent for a minute.

i love my boyfriend with all my heart and i know he loves me too. we've been together for a year and a half. we went to college together and used to spend every second together. then i graduated. i am still only about 20 min away, but now im in medical school and hes sitll at college. he is EXTREMELY hard working- and also has alot of friends. i understand what its like to be at school and be in your own little bubble and be totally consumed by work and friends etc, especially your senior year. and i am also extremely busy too, seeing as im in medical school. we never get to see eachother. probably only about once a week. i always have exams to study for, and when i have a free second, he is off doing research or going out for a friends birthday or something. i just feel like i want more. i love him so much, but i am unhappy with this situation, even though theres really nothing we can do. i just get sad about it. i dont know if anything can be done, i just wanted to vent. thanks for listening

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Greetings. I think relationships like this are always hard. Young people in this portion of their lives are more concentrated on their careers than love, and when one partner has just that little bit more interest/priority of love than the other, it sometimes falls apart because they feel neglected or at best, 2nd in line behind work/school.


I'd say you need to write down a list of all of your goals and what are your priorities in life, etc. See if his role of your boyfriend compliments you in succeeding any of these goals. It sounds like you already feel like you may either be in a dead spot in the relationship or you're bored, or you may just feel like he doesn't love you the way you want to be loved. Communication is highly underrated..... talk, show, and communicate with him about everything you wrote about. Then listen to him and what he thinks. Tell him how, if it were an ideal world, what you would want to happen. Then ask him to tell you the same. Somewhere in the middle may be the answer?

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