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a beautiful girl

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I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personaly go for a girl that has is good on the inside,and think that the looks on the outside are just a bonus, but even I wont go out with like a "but ugly girl" so to say.

In other words, I think that a girl, to me, has to have some sort of outside beauty and alot of inside beauty for me to go out with them.

I think that inside beauty can also be hindered, to teenagers, by your so called"friends" and other people you want to think you are "cool"

I know that I also suffer from this "peer presure"

But I still like a girl to be beautiful on the inside even more than on the outside.

from me

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I think "beauty is i the eye of the beholder" is just a cliche. Because everybody knows of people who are universally attractive like Penelope Cruz, Ashawria Rai, Jhonny Depp, and the list goes on (excuse me if I misspelled a name).


I do think give or take a little some people are more attracted to some people more than others, like guys or girls who would date the hotter of two hot looking people they have this complex.


Very few people choose on personality alone, I myself would rather an average women with the best personality ever than a super model.

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Is it true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? What defines beauty to you in a girl? Do you love a girl for what is on the outside or for what is on the inside? What makes you so in love with her?


For me there must be some sort of physical attraction before anything else. This can range from just a pretty smile, to sexy legs, to capturing eyes. After I have found something that I find attractive, I start to learn about that person's inner character and beauty. A positive attitude and great personality are the qualities that really seal the deal for me to find a girl "beautiful". If the girl is really true, and speaks from the heart, then her "beauty" is even more noticible than before. That's just me though, and I know some people just look for the outer beauty, but I think a girl (and guys as well) need to have both if they want the world to see them as "beautiful".

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I just fell in love for the first time about half a year ago,(even though it didn't work out), I fell in love with her B/C she opend up things to me that she hasn't told her own father,(I wont get into this though), thats when I really started to love her. I guess I sorta felt like I was the one to like protect her,to be there for her if she ever needed me, to just listen to her and help her feel better/Beautiful about her self.(she is very beautiful, shes just going through that time that she thinks shs fat). As far as I know I have never been loved by any girl.this must sound very stupid to you all,(sorta like a knight in shinning armor kind of tale), But thats whatI know love to be about. wanting only to protect someone, and always feeling better just talking to them, even if its just IM. Okay I'll bore you no longer. Thats just what I know love is.

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True beauty comes from within. What makes a girl truly beautiful is the kind of person she is. Is she nice to people? Does she show geniune concern for others? Is she willing to put the needs of others above her own? Is she honest, sincere, and trustworthy? Is she intelligent, able to carry on meaningful conversation? These are the things that make me fall in love with a girl. It's the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connection I long for. When you have that kind of connection, the person will appear more physically attractive. You'll notice little things that you hadn't otice before.


What people find physically attractive varies so much from person to person. That's why I don't think it's all that important, at least comared to a persons personality and who they are inside.

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Well I think I require looks. I suppose I am shallow, but I can't find myself falling in love with a girl that I don't find attractive or live up to my standards of looks. I think physical is almost as important as whats inside for me. Both are extremely necessary, one without the other is a lost cause.



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for me.. beuty is 100% in the eye of the beholder.. But I am a girl.. lol.. All my friends, are so shallow.. All they want in a guy is looks.. and to tell you the truth.. they didn't want me seeing the guy i feel in love with.. and I am still with him.. its been over a year.. and we are totally commited.. and to me.. beuty is the way someone is.. how they act, and how they are.. my advice is.. dont worry about how other people think someone is.. get to know them by how they are!! ..the ugliest person.. could just be the one you were made for!

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