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Is it just me ... :[

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OK I know your worst enemy in a BU is FACEBOOK HONESTLY IT IS .. its like that person that always brings up your ex thats FACEBOOK well anyways .. I get on FB (NOT MINE A FRIENDS)



I'm sorry its so long but my heart feels like its being sat on by a FREAKING RHINO D: I cant think BUT HELL I AM NOT BREAKING NC FOR A JERK LIKE HIM !!! HELP .. It took so much for me not to curse up a storm UGHH ..

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I know the feeling........ 4.5 Year relationship and we shared so many memories on facebook and then one day PUFF- GONE !!! She even deleted me and blocked me right away, i went as far as making another FB , even tho i can only see her pic profile still hurts ....... Im at 6 months today, i dont go and there are much anymore but i still do and it hurts everytime she changes her pic profile... its just a matter of time she changes it to her and the dude she left me for......

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Guys, my best reply to you is this:

DON'T FACEBOOK STALK YOUR EXs! Honestly, its been said that facebook makes getting over relationships that much harder because you don't make a clean break from the other person. You are still constantly reminded of them. Worse, you see that they are moving on without you (whether its constructively or not...). I did this when my ex and I broke up. He and I dated for 3 years and then two months after we broke up he was already in a relationship with another girl! All it did was keep me back in the relationship with him, asking myself what I did wrong, where we went wrong.

My best advice for you guys is to make a clean break for it. Either block them on fb or limit their profile so they don't always pop up on your news feed. Once you aren't constantly reminded of them, its definitely easier to stop obsessing about the break up. That way, you can move onto a brighter future without being stuck in the past.

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