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I saw my ex yesterday and Im really confused right now?


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We were together for nearly a year and we broke up exactly a month ago yesterday. It was more of his decision to break up, but it was a bit mutual too.. We havent talked at all since that day and I saw him in a pub yesterday. I went with my best friend her boyfriend and my friend ( a guy that really likes me, and acts like I'm his girlfriend so it could look like we are together ) My ex came over to me, smilling asked me how I am and stuff like that. Then after a longer while I noticed him glancing over at my table quite often, and he also did that when I was dancing with my mates or talking to my other friends there. I could tell he was really awkward especially if he was anywhere near me... Also when he was saying goodbye to him I could tell he looked a bit upset..

Im so confused? I was doing so well not contacting him at all and everything and it just felt so weird seeing him again, I dont want him thinking Im with that guy, but I guess theres nothing I can really do right now.. What could his behaviour mean?

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I'm going to give you the same advice other people have given me on here. If the decision was more his, he holds the power, any action on your part will make you feel worse.


If he really wanted to be with you he would go out of his way to let you know. It's always hard seeing an ex regardless if you thought the break up was for the best and that's what his reaction was saying. It doesn't mean he wants to get back with you. IF he did, you'd know it. Also it doesn't matter if he thinks you're with that guy if he really cared he'd try and find out.

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