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Can someone help write me a poem?


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It would be great if i could get a poem. I can usually write reallly good ones myself, but i have been slacking lately. Can you help?


I want the poem to sorta tell a story and express how i am feeling.


I see the poem saying something about this girl like not knowing anything, lost, just stuck in the crowd. This girl starts to get used to the background of her new life, she finds herself, starts standing out in the crowd,instead of being mixed in it. She meets this guy who guides her and is her friend. This gut helps her out, gives her pointers and stuff she should look out for. He treats her with respect. They grow closer. Then this girl begins to like this guy. This guy begins to like this girl. They only why he can say that though is through body language. The guy doesn't not know how to tell the girl that he likes her. The girl is beginning to catch on to the guys body language and is responding to it. They do this for a while. Never really knowing the truth that they both like eachother.


It would be great if you could pull a poem together with this. I would love you so much! Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.


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You basically have it right there... a good idea anyway.


Poetry is short sentences that make an impact with implied meaning...


She wanted noone, nothing.


(something changes her)


Now she wants everyone everything.


She thinks that she knows...him.


He seems to be the One, and it haunts her.


She loves him and wants him, but he knows not.


She dreams of him and he dreams of ______?


The man lit a candle in her darkness and now she can see only him.


The man sees the girl and wants her -- and she wants him.


The man cant betray him self but he also can't have her....


A dilemma!!

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She is alone, not knowing anything or anyone. She is just another face in the crowd of so many people. She's use to it by now, being alone that is. The fact that no one can see beyond her eyes and into her soul on how she really feels. But, can no one? No. There is this one person. A boy, who she looks at from afar, admiring him as she supposes most people do. She stands out, expecially to him. He can tell who she really is and how she really feels. He talks to her, grows fond of her as he helps her and guides her along a long and bumpy road. She sees it in his eyes, but doesn't want to say anything. For this is the first time she has ever noticed someone actually caring and didn't want it to go away. Time past and she grew fond of him too. She relied on him with everything, and he was there to help her through everything. He knew, deep inside, that he loved her but he just didn't know how to tell her. He couldn't think of the right words to tell someone so precious to him. So he decided to express himself as well as he could. He felt as though since he couldn't find the words, that he just simply wouldn't use them. The girl caught on quickly, and did the same. Still to this day they pray for a way to say they want to say. I love you.


Is this good?

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