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The girl I dated I think was to start dating again??

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Ok about 3 weeks ago this girl I was dating was seeing some1 else also while we was dating. Well come to find out she ran after him instead of me. I asked her friend what was going on with her and she said that they are now bf/gf now. I was like what she never told me this. So I just said screw it im doing NC. Well about a week later she IM me and asks how I am doing blah blah. Well one thing thing lead to a nother I told her how I felt about the hole sitation. Then a week goes by she text messages me. And asked how I was doing again. Then yesterday she texts me agian. This is the most we have talk in about a month. Well we got on the how am I feeling subject again and she said the I deserve better than some1 like her. I dont know if thats saying that she still cares about me or what cause I thing her bf is not treating her well and has already cheated on her. I have know idea why she is with him. Then she starts to flirt with me and every thing so what do you u all think?

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If you truly want her back in your life then you need to just be indifferent right now. I know I have said someone was too good for me it was a nice way of saying I wasn't interested but that's me. I would let her come to you because if she really wants to be with you then she will put the effort. Otherwise I wouldn't waste your time. If she asks what you are doing I would tell her where you are going to be and see if she shows up. If she does then you know she is interested.

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