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Im new to the whole sex thing... help!!!


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Im 15 and lost my verginity four days ago (oct. 29 2004) we have been dating for 10 months but weve known eachother for 4 years almost. Im nervus but not about actually having sex but what to expect, what to do and all those other really uncomfy questions. Sex is not something talked about in my house its one of those hush hush topics and i have no idea what is going to or what is supposed to happen. i know to use protection and we did but thats all i know. it was the right decision and i love him and it has brought us closer and gave us a better understanding of eachother and now we feel like we can do anything but what if i do something wrong. im very embarresed about the whole subject because i have always felt sex is a private thing between 2 people but this is a last resort i have tried to figure out something else i need advice, thoughts, opinions and help understanding all of this please help......

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Hey girl,

I speak from experience, when I was sixteen I had the same thing happen. I loved the guy with all my heart and I know that he loved me aswell and I knew it was the right decision. We stayed together for 3 years even one really rough year while he was 5 hours away at college. But I promise, the older you get the more you grow and develop as a person. I'm not saying that what you did was wrong, because I did the same thing, but I am asking you to think about this before you proceed to continue. Sex is very addictive, and you dont want the relationship to become more physical than love. My ex and I grew as one person, but then we each began to grow into individuals and our relationship began to dwindle. I still love him and would do anything for him, but we are two different people now and cant be together anymore. Sure, sex is fun especially when you are comfy with the person you are doing it with, but there needs to be more to it than fun and that love needs to be the greatest thing in your relationship.

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also this is going to sound very idiotic........their was no pleasue involved ive only done it twice and my bf was a virgin as well i know the first time hurts but the second time didnt really but it sucked is that only cause were both new to it and will it change. but he enjoyed it or so he says......... im lost

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ok, first of all (just to be the token moral-stance type person for this post) you really shouldnt be having sex if you are so niave about what to do and what to expect. I was the same when I was 15, I knew about sex, but I didnt REALLY know what was involved and how interesting it can get.


I;m not really sure what you are wanting to know. Do you want to know about positions? There are many, and I'm sure if you search the internet you will find many sites dedicated to instruction on sexual positions. Make sure you always use protection. Lubricant is always good if you experience any pain, as it helps to keep the area moist and eliminates 'chafing'


Your boyfriend will have gotten pleasure out of it. Your vagina was wrapped around his penis, and there was a thrusting action goin on there... trust me he was loving it. If he came, he REALLY loved it. You can tell if he came by if the condom was filled and stretched by semen at the end or not. Rule one: just because you arent getting pleasure, doesnt mean he isnt.



Maybe you'll have to be a bit more specific about what you want to know...

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i never really thought i would have sex until i was married but obviously that didnt happen.....the only reason i dont know what to expect is because my parents dont talk about it and theyve never let me take sex ed or anything (im very innocent) theyve sheltered me to the very out reaches of their power. basically i want to know how to make it better and different stuff like that basically............

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well, if you want to make it better, the best thing you can do is ask your boyfriend. he would be the best person to answer that question. sex is like anything in life. you get better at it with practice, research, and repetition.


if its his first time as well, then you two obviously have something in common and being able to talk to him will definitely bring you guys closer. just be yourself and dont forget your own needs. dont let yourself get so caught up in trying to make it spectacular for him that you dont get any fulfillment out of it.


but i will say this: if you're looking to add something to change up the pace then experiment with some oral sex (always use protection: dental dams, condoms) or no sex at all. practice holding each other and getting to know your new sexual selves....good luck

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I think you are doing better than you think. Knowing that you are ready is taking the first step in having sex. I was 18 when I lost my virginity and didn't have a clue what I was doing. But don't feel bad. It takes awhile to know. I'm 24 now, and I feel alot better about myself and am more relaxed about sex, mainly because i am in love with the person that I am having sexual relations with. HAHA Anyway, just relax and try new things, positions and such. But there isn't really anything anyone can tell you to have better sex or be better at it. You really have to be confortable and understanding about each other's bodies and just let things flow naturally, so to speak.

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She basically said it all: just relax and do what comes natural and comfortable to you. Try everything that comes to your mind and just have fun with each other, sex isn't just bout penis in vagina, hold each other, tickle each other love each other. Hope that helps.

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