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need advice.. (especially from girls)

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sup, y'all.. i talked to this girl today in my class. the one that i thought was lookin in my direction a few times really quick last week, but i was too shy to look right at her to know for sure.. today, there were still a lot of empty seats left when i got to class. i sat in the front and when she came in, she sat next to me. that was a good sign. i said "hi" to her, asked how her weekend was, etc. then a minute later, i saw what looked like her text messaging someone on her cell phone. right away, i knew that was a red flag. almost every girl i see doin that has a boyfriend. but i figured let's see what happens. after class, she got on her cell phone, so i knew that wasn't good for me. she hung up. i asked if she got bad reception and she said she was checkin her messages. then i asked if she was still free tomorrow. she said that she has to work on short notice. i told myself, i'm back to square one. then, she started askin me what times i have classes during the week and she was tellin me when she gets off work and stuff. then i was thinkin, maybe this is gonna happen. then i asked if she's free after work next monday and she said that she usually goes to her boyfriend's house that day. then i was thinkin, damn, i knew it. every girl in this college has a boyfriend. but i kept myself composed after she said that. she kept thinkin of what time would work out for us to meet and then she asked if i need help with that class. then i said "umm.. i guess i could use it." then, she told me when she gets off work thursday and said "i'll give you my work number so u can call me and figure out what time to meet or somethin." i was like "oh.. ok.." then we said "bye". what's interesting about this is that unless she heard me wrong last week when i asked to get together, i didn't give any indication that i need help with this class. and it wasn't until the very end of the conversation last week and this week that she asked if i need help. and this was after she gave me her # and everything. my hopes aren't up anymore cause she has a boyfriend, but at the same time, i'm like damn, no girl has ever given me her cell phone and work number. and she seemed interested in setting up a time to meet, then after all that, then asks if i need help with this class. what do u think is goin on here? especially from a girl's perspective. thanks for readin this long story. i appreciate it...

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If I'm doing that... I'd be doing exactly what my mom wants me to do... and that's basically riding a mule while looking for a horse. Go out on a couple of dates, blah blah blah, and switch boyfriend when I find a better one.


A friend of mine does that, she's on her fouth boyfriend now and yup, her choices are getting better and better.


It's not a big deal if you want to date her, as long as she's not the type who wants two boyfriends at the same time, she'll dump her boyfriend in time if you prove you're a better boyfriend.


You just have to make sure no one better shows up or she really does fall in love with you.

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