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Sending initial email on a single site

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I usually expand a bit on my profile, get more into what I do for a living, how I spend free time. Keep it fairly light, and ask a couple light questions about them/their profile and leave it open for them to respond, mention that you liked the way they expressed themselves, their smile, etc..just a little positive comment.


Keep it reasonably short, but give enough for them to want to know more. I know personally, women often get flooded with emails, if someone writes me a novel, it is very hard to find time to write and respond to every darn question! So, be casual! Good luck!

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kinda want to emphasize on the point of telling the person what you like about their profile and why would like to get to know them. you dont have to go into any detail about yourself, lhave your profile cover the basics of this and eave it pretty wide open for future messages. you want to see if theyre interested in you too.


remember theres nothing worse then a message looking like a form letter, when you personalize each one they are alot more interesting to whoever gets them.

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