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i was raped the other day, i haven't been able to tell any one. i'm too scared to tell anyone. i've been telling people the cuts and bruises are from falling off my bike. i don't know who to tell. im so scared. what if he comes back. please help me. i don't know what do to! HELP ME PLEASE

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I can see you are from Australia what part of Australia are you from so I can look up a place for you to go to or ring.

this site has some good advice link removed

The important thing is to report it straight away. Go to someone you can trust a friend or family member and go to the hospital or police straight away. What this person did to you is very wrong and it needs to be reported.. Dont forget about it, you need to tell someone.

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report it. they're professionals and know how to handle these situations. if there is still a possible threat to you, then they'll take protective measures.


trust in these people. they're dedicated, and speciliazed to deal with these things.

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just call kidshelp line they will know what to do, even if you dont want to report, you should tell someone (such as the helpline) and also go to the hospital to get checked out. the most important thing at the moment is to talk to someone, like the helpline. or someone you can trust, because you have to tell someone, otherwise it will end up being more and more painful.

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its important you report it i know you dont want to for your reasons, but my sister is a police officer and she tells me alot of rapes go un reported because of fear or whatever but if you do report it you may prevent hiom from doing it to someone else, if you dont report it there is more of a chance of him coming to you then to as if it wasd reported, i dont want to scare you or be bossy, but you reralloy must do it as bad as it may be. for your sake and other peoples.

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no I'm pretty sure that doctors confidentiality comes in here, but if you're worried about that perhaps you should just call a help line first and tell them for the time being you want to remain anonomous they should still talk you through the issue and you can work out from there where you want to go

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but that's the thing.. i can't say all i want to say! i'll sound like a dick head and you'll all just stop replying and just shrug it off like an attempt for attention! i have so much on my chest that i just can't talk about! it's just really confusing and it's hard for me talk about them, it brings up old memories that i'd rather forget.

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it's all pathetic stuff.. like how I'm useless and no one needs me here.. and no one loves me..and then being raped has just made me believe that even more. it makes me feel so vulnerable. now it's happened once. what's there to stop it from happening again?

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if you report it, it wont happen again, it wasnt your fault that it happened. something bad just happened to you that you couldnt control, it doesnt mean that your useless. Noone is useless, you have a right to be loved and be happy. You are going through a tough time now, but I promise it will get better.

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