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Any thoughts?

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Alright guys I've ran in to something the other night... A girl that I'm interested and I always hang out in the same group of friends. I think she comes out to see me more than the others, but I'm not too sure. However the other night while dropping her off instead of just hugging me, she kissed me on the neck. Now I know this could be a sign of friendship but is it? I think there is a lot of chemistry here but I'm still left unsure… Maybe because I over analyze it too much? Shall I go in for the kiss? I know I can get close enough for it but I'm still not 100% sure if I should.


I know, this is stupid...

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A kiss on the neck is definitely an invite for 'further things'. I do not kiss my male friends on the neck - ever - and I am a fairly affectionate person.


And no, your question is not stupid. I see this all the time here, guys never really knowing whether or not the girl is interested or not because of mixed signals.


Kiss on the neck = invite to kiss on the lips. Go for it.

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