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ok, so im wondering if someone could help me

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ok, so ive liked this girl for a while now, and were friends and sutff, and i think shes like, perfect for me, but she doesnt like me, and lately shes been saying that i should move on, because she says theres better things out there for me. she says that if she could help me at all, she would make someone perfect for me at my school. problem is, shes that person. so heres my question, should i tkae her advice and try to move on, or should i contimue trying to get her to like me, since she doesnt have a bf. also, does she truly want me to move on, or does she just not want me to like her anymore? if someone could please please help me that would be great. thanks

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hey, well as a girl I'd have to say that the whole "I want you to do better than me" is just a nice way to let someone know that you're not interested. I'm not saying that she'll never like you, as people can change their minds... but who knows how often that happens lol. So yea... I think you should probably just settle for being her friend right now. As for trying to make her like you, that's just a major cause of frustration. If there is potential for something to go on between you two then you shouldn't have to make her like you, She should just start liking you on her own. But Anyways I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it. There are more girls out there


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