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Ex dreams <anyone know how to stop them from coming!

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I cant seem to control my dreams lately almost every week and weekend i have a dream about my ex boyfriend. I cant seem to stop, does anyone know how to control your dreams?


Sorry this is a dumb question but i serously need help! since this summer ive been trying to just completely forget about him , and in reality i dont think that hard about it but in my dreams he everywhere i turn.

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I am sure this has to do with the thread I just posted in the breaking up forum -- the dream survey.


I am not sure how you stop dreaming about them. Dreams can be so real and so powerful. I think they are a combination day-to-day things and deep thoughts we keep hidden inside. They come out at night when we least expect them. Like I said in my post, I have always had very negative dreams about my previous exes. However, with my current ex, it's been positive, which is someone alarming, and certainly not helping me get over him any faster.


Perhaps others can share their thoughts.

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Do you think of him before you go to bed? I have noticed that if I think of something a lot right before I go to bed, I often dream of that exact thing. Try to think of something that you wouldn't mind dreaming about before you go to bed. That might help. Also, you might just have to wait for some time in order for the dreams to go away on their own. As you heal, the dreams will probably subside.

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ha ha! thanks for the advice ...I dont even know what i think about before i go to bed...i just fall asleep quite quick usually. Sometimes ill be a wake to prey before falling asleep , but i NEVER pray about my ex , but i do prey that he has a good life and that i might find my one and only someday soon..olol

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