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Why are guys awkward, need some views, guys and girls

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I have completely lost any form of understanding i had for guys.


Well i told this male friend of mine about my feelings, and his reply to this was basically that he wanted to be just friends, he put ephasis on the friend part, it was asthough he didn't actually want to be my friend at all, just because i'm a bit unstable (nowhere near unstable enough to do anything stupid to myself or anyone else though).


But anyway, you'd have thought he'd have been a bit phased by all this, but no, straight away, he's treating me like he was before, emailing quite a bit, i'd have thought he'd have been way more cautious around me.


I just don't understand how what i've said hasn't changed anything on his part, and why he's my friend in the first place, it's not attraction, that's easy enough to work out.


I would appriciate it if someone gave input on why this guy hasn't at all changed his attitude towards me, cause, if someone i wasn't attracted to said they had feelings for me, i would be alot more cautious around them, can someone help out with this confusion please?

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U can't tie all guys together as "awkward" due to 1 guy


He probably feels that acting exactly the same as he was before is the best solution to the problem. I probably wouldn't want to change much in this situation, play it cool, say that im not interested in that way, but i don't want it to effect our relationship. Would u prefer him to be quieter/ignoring u a bit?

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Maybe he just likes you as a friend.


Or maybe he's unsure of his own feeling towards you so choose the 'safe' option because he didn't want to mess you about if he wasn't sure how he felt.


Maybe he does like you but is worried things would be different if you were going out as he likes things the way they are and doesn't want to risk the friendship.


Or he could just not be attracted to you, but likes you as a friend.

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