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OK I have no idea what the heck you would call what this is, but I hope it doesn't suck lol.



I sit there in my chair and stare into a miror,

I see a different man.

It's really me of course,

but it's distorted.


I dream of the true form of myself,

except I'm on the other side of the miror.

I see the clear form of me,

free of distortion.


I wake up to find reality laughing at me,

the same distorted man now stares back.

I wonder if there's any hope for this man,

or will he forever be tormented by the painful honesty of reality.


Then the greatest thing happens,

reality becomes the dream.

The dream becomes what was once reality,

and I am now the true form of myself,

with my dream now portraying my former distorted self.


I am the other man on the other side of the miror now,

I am him,

I am whole,

I am finally him,

Finally I am free from that distorted reflection.

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