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lol its me again....


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i need help in what u guys think....

the girl i like,i seen what she beens doing,first theres eye contact,and the weird thing is one day this is what happan,i was talking to my friend and well all of a sudden someone is tapping me on the shoulder ,when i look its my crush's friend and she tells me my friend(my crush)wants to ask you something..and i say"yes?"we both look back and the gilrl i like has her face coverd with her hands and she walks away the her frined says"she'll ask you later." today i got the courage to about to ask her out but some how,somebody found out and went to her the next day and said"bobby wants to go with you." then she says nothing but she does somthing with her hands like shes throwing something over her shoulder...(what the?????)when her bus came she was walking with her friends andstop right next to me,they though i did not see them,but i saw this...her friend was saying(what i heard)

"go ahead!....tell.."thats what i heard while they looked at me but then they kept walking so they dodn't miss the bus....thats it..wow seroiusly i think i have no chance of going out with her now not a chance in anything oh well.....

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well your crush seems to be immature for her age but um i think she wants to ask you out. and it seems very very hard for her to ask you...she must be very shy or something...idk. but if i were in your position, id just ask her out. and save her doing all the hard work. and that might make her feel a lot better too that you asked her out cause then shed know that YOU like HER. so yea....just ask her man.



good luck

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Shes shy and immmature but hey....You can train Her

no but seriously...Dont miss out she likes ya a lot and oviously you like her a lot or else why else would u be posting this?


So ide sugest you making the first move because this girl sure isnt going to. Shes flattered by you and just one look at you and she melts...Maybe you can ask her out to a game at yours school or something..

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