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I need some really good advice.

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Hiya peeps,

Okay I'm Laura and I had being visitng My sister Louise. While I have been down I have fell for this guy. I met him about a month ago when I was down visiting Louise and fell for him so badly.


I'm going to sound like a complete b***h but I pestered my mum and dad to let me come down if I agreed to pay them back. But the bad thing is, I didn't just come to see Louise, I came to see this guy that she works with. I love my sister to pieces I really do. I love her more than life its self and can't understand why I have been so selfish.


I didn't use to believe in love at first sight but I was proven wrong a long time ago. I'm 16 and he's 27. Am I sick? I mean I couldn't help it. Louise introduced me and he smiled and I was soooo oblivious to everything around me. He's talked to me a couple of times and when I go home on Monday I'm going to be upset because i'm not sure when I can come down again


I want to get over him and don't l know how.

Please help I'm lost

Laura xx

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Sounds like your in a bind. Crushes are hard to get over, but in time it will fade. It's good that you realise it's not a good idea. It couldn't really work. You are both from 2 different places.


Just focus on your life right now, school, friends and family. In time your feelings will be put into their proper perspective. Good luck with this.

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Laura, indeed crushes are a hard thing to really get out of your mind and heart sometimes-- they just hit you.. Curious though, does this gentleman whose captivated your heart know that you care about him this way?


I do agree that you would need to really focus on a few 'home-body' things. More or less just because you're only 16, and thats by no means an insult. If it gives you any perspective, I was engaged at 17 years old, thought the man I was going to marry was everything--- well, I can assure you that the engagement ended badly when I was 19, and now that I'm 23, I really do not regret the relationship, but I am happy that I never married him.


Interests, perspectives and even wants and desires change with growing women between the ages of 16-20. Give yourself some time, if your feelings are still strong when you've had a chance to really analyze the infatuation, then perhaps if he doesn't know about your crush-- then would be a good time to tell him. This doesn't make you 'sick' in anyway, just goes to prove that even love can come in many different faces.

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not the sort to talk about crushes with people. I'm very reluctant to tell my sister. I remember a couple months ago when I was down during the summer holidays me Louse and Justin (her bf) was talking about work. Louise was just messing around and saying that I fancied everyone at work and then as we walked out of the room she said she said "I wouldn't laugh at you did fancy one of them" and she ment it. I wanted to tell her so much but it just didn't feel right.


I was destroyed for days when I left Bristol. I still am. I probably wont see her till next summer hols by which time He might of left


I hate crushes. I get hurt too many times and because I have never had a boyfriend it makes it even worse!!!

catch ya laterz

Laura xx

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heya guys


Well this post was written months ago almost ab yr ago. This guy has left work.


I thought about him every day since i left, and now ... he's gone. I feel so gutted. I'll never see him again. I got a birthday card a month ago and he signed it with a big kiss at the end.


I'm seeing my sis in a couple of months and I'll meet her from work as usual, it wont be the same without him.

he never really did leave my mind.

I feel so empty


I want to tell my sister that I had a crush on him but I daren't. I want to ask why and when he left, and what he's doing now, just so I know. but how can I ask without it sounding to intruding? I want to ask as though I'm being polite ... please reply I feel upset.


My sister told me that he left work when we was out last night. It hit me like a rock and couldn't accpet that he'd gone.



PLEASE reply I'm desperate!!! I'm hurting so badly here.

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I really don't see how a relationship with this guy can work out for you. In terms of practicality, he is 11 years older than you and in a completely different place in his life than you are in yours. Also, he lives far away from you, so how often would you really see one another?


In terms of legality, he can be arrested and put in jail for seeing you. If that happens, that will stay on his record and affect his ability to find a job, a place to live, credit, etc. In short, it could ruin his life and haunt him forever. Why would you want to take that risk?


I think it's fine to have a crush on him from afar, but I do not think it is a wise idea for you to pursue it, since it can have some very serious consequences.

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