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I broke up with this girl last year, and then asked her back out and she said no, she just wanted to be friends. We broke up because it was like the first girl I really really liked and I never talked to her when I went out, so she thought I didn't like her and broke up with me. I'm really feeling it for this girl and want to get her back. I really like her. How do u think I should go about getting her back. She has a BF right now, but they are soon to break up.


P.S. WE are both Freshman in high school.

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Hey, I kind of know what you are going through, the only difference is that when I started seeing this guy..it was for the first time. We had started hanging out and really liked each other..the only problem was he was still dating his girlfriend of 2 years. I knew, like you, that they were on the brink of breaking up and then things would be great for me! But little did I know how much I was getting into..Yes, we both liked and cared about each other a lot, but if she is just breaking up with her boyfriend, you definitely need to give things time. She needs to be absolutely 100% over him before you move in. I jumped into something right away..and though I don't regret it at all..not the slightest bit, I know that I should have given him more time to get over her. We were seeing each other for about a month and a half and things were great..but trust me she will still have feelings for him..and it will mess with whatever you two start. You don't want to be a rebound boyfriend either, just someone she gets that comfort from. Make sure it is for real before you get into it, because I know how bad it hurts when they decide your not really what they want/need right now..


And about how to get her back..be completely yourself. Don't go around being someone your not because the person she liked before is the one she will want to go back to. And definitely don't diss this new guy she is with to make her leave him, it will only make her hostile and defensive. Just be yourself and she should realize that she made a mistake leaving you, and will miss you and want you back. If not, things just weren't meant to be..if your supposed to be together again you will be. But make sure you don't act uninterested in her this time around, show her you really care for her!


Hope I helped! And good luck! Let me know how things go..

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