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Made a mistake after three hard months? plz help

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What is it about this three month area?

I couldnt hold back anymore, i did really well. I didnt beg or plead much, didnt say oh comeback to me blah blah blah. I respected her decision , even tho she was completely mean and disrespectful to me in the end.

I sent an email.

I said Hi, how are you.

can we talk?

I hope you and the kids (her kids) are warm and safe and happy this halloween.


Prolly wont get any response?

Or it will be bad, and threatening.

you can read my original posts if ya want the good bits.

Oh and by the way there was another guy, right off the bat and she basically let him disrespect me on the phone 3 months ago.

allot of it is in my posts.

thank you all.


And i hope you all are warm n safe this halloween too!

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i think u are doing great depite how difficult it is u are at least coming off strong...its so difficult. heartbreak & tryin to act casual is such a task & a half...u may get a response. we cant predict im sorry. but i know i emailed my ex decent emails & never got replies...tho hed Im me now & then...it simply sucks!!! i dont think that email was threatening at all! tho exs sumtimes act weird...mine did, i got only one reply. but ur ex probably isnt as inconsiderate & immature as mine is. & im sorry i wish i could help more but time will tell i guess.... just continue to be strong. try at least..we're all here for you.



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