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What do girls do when they like you ?


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if they like you, it seems like they're smiling whenever you speak. you could be talking about genital herpes but she'll still be grinning and listening to every word.


i'm interested to see if any females on this forum agree with us guys... they probabnly have totally different answers lol.

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the girls would try to get your attention by being smart on a subject, they would also try to get as much info on the guy that they like by asking you ?'s and they could get them by your buds or by oher people. well i just found out that this kid i like has a girl, i told him that i like him and he said that it was nice that i was honest w/ him , i also i like his bud but iam waiting to tell him , cause i just dont know if he likes a diff girl, a bud of mine is goibg to ask that girl is theirs anything happenning between the guy and her.

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Crosses her legs with the top one towards you

Flicks her hair over her shoulder as a way to get your attention

Sits up straighter when you stand/sit near her

Might even get an urge to brush hair/apply lipgloss/ any other grooming thing while you're around.

Plays with jewelery, like touching her necklace, ear-rings, or sliding a finger in and out of one of her rings

Blinking rate increases

Attempts to make eye contact like... oh, say, every few seconds (If you two arent talking to eachother)


That, off the top of my head, are the subconscious things i've noticed I do around guys I like

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