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FoR tHe GuYs

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"Dirty" girls are definitely a turn off. I have avoided many who were "dirty" just because of that fact. They were actually really nice people too.. So purity is a good thing, but you don't have to be 100% pure. I like a little dark side too, just as long as you don't show it to every other person.


I don't like fake girls at all. I can't stand when a girl acts like that.. when they try and be preppy and cute. I can't describe it really well but I know it when I see it and it drives me crazy. I just wish girls would be themselves.


Lastly, I hate drama. Any girl who is a drama queen is going to be a lonely one. I can't stand it. I dated probably the biggest drama queen in my entire high school and sometimes I just seriously wanted to cry. I hated it.


Some good things I like about a girl.. I love when a girl knows how to dress. I don't like when a girl comes off looking under-dressed, but when you know the boundary between the two; that's hot. Skirts are definitely a turn on.


I like a funny girl who you can talk about anything with. This means they have to have somewhat of an outgoing personality.


I like girls who are sweet, but not too sweet to the point when they get annoying. This idea kind of clashes with the fake thing.

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i like it when girls act like they're shy, but can't help being around me. there's the kind of looking at the ground but glancing up at you kind of thing.

be careful though, I'm a nice guy, but if you go to the wrong kind of guy and do that, he'll take advantage of you and break your heart in the end.


i like a girl who doesn't cave in to social pressure. gotta be strong in those ways too.


be comfortable in yourself. i like a girl to be the honest, relibable hiding place that i can go to when i need a break from everything else.

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