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What do guys like? (manual stimulation)

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When my boyfriend and I make out, I like to massage his erection either with my knee or with my hand (he's always fully clothed, if that matters). I usually start at the head and gently rub upwards toward the base. Apart from that, I don't know what else to do. I don't know what techniques to use to make it better for him. I've asked him to give me directions, but he doesn't seem to want to (he says that he doesn't like ordering me around). What else can I do? Are there any places in particular that you guys like?


Also, if I start massaging him and then don't bring him to orgasm will that hurt him (I was wondering about "blue balls" here)? When and how should I stop?


I need a little assistance here.

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Hmm, alrighty then. Well I would start off by suggesting you limit the massager to the hand, as it's pretty easy to slip with your knee, and the hand is more enjoyable anyway. As for different techniques, you're pretty limited with the pants on, so why not start off by playfully teasing him (run your fingers gently over his penis) and then slowly build up to a steady rythm, using more force and incorporating some kissing?

Oh, and blueballs (Ugh, I hate that expression) is what occurs when a man gets very turned on and doesn't ejaculate, which is bound to happen while you do this, so it's pretty inevitable. Don't worry too much about it though, it's not like he'll die, besides, he does own a hand.

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hey blue balls is not something that happens to all men/boys. its a condition where some of the ejaculate or something gets stuck...something like that, and after many times of getting arroused without ejaculating, "blue balls" which is basically swelling and pain can occur. but this is an actual condition not something that all guys go through if they dont ejaculate. and btw, about technique, ya its true you're sort of limited...the thing is...im a little confused on how you could really do much with his clothing on. i mean if you put your hand down his pants that might be better, but if the privacy is that "bad" lol, then i guess just stick to what you're doing. we're young, i dont think guys are really picky about this. its just about having some fun, harmless fun. so if hes not complaining, just continue, try to be more creative with kissing, or "guide" his hands to your own body parts which would really turn him on.

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tinkerbell, you meant me and my boyfriend right?


The thing is... I use to be the dead set on not having sex type, and he fully respects that... It's just that I also love making out with him, so he struggles between not "violating" me and having fun. So sometimes he forces himself to not ejaculate or not get a hard-on so much he'll feel pain. I imagine it really hurts. His face will turn pale and he'll start sweating and he'll actually whimper. lol.


EDIT: That happens when we're both fully clothed. I wouldn't let him touch my clothes and he wouldn't dare touch my breasts and my butt... and I never laid a finger on his region between his waist and his thighs... we really just kissed and made out... until I lifted the ban after a couple of months.


OH! You don't mean me! SORRY! I mixed this up with the other post.

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When we become aroused blood flows into the penis and the testicle. If we get to bust a nut then the blood flows out of the testicls quickly. If we don't get to bust a nut, then the blood is released slowly causing severe pain. To point where sometimes we can't walk.


When I was like 16 I was out camping with some friends and some girls. Well the girl didn't want to give nothing up after hours of messing around. That had to be the most painful walks home.


So if your not going to give it up...your man is going to have to take care of himself then. That will help the pain go away quicker.



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Here's what happened in our situation. We had been making out and I had been rubbing him. I think I stopped for a while and I was pretty much just concentrating on kissing him. When I started rubbing him again, he sort of pulled me closer to him so that I was forced to stop. I wasn't sure if he stopped me on purpose so I asked him if he wanted me to stop and he just sort of whispered that it was hurting. So I stopped and that's it. I wasn't being rough or anything so that's what I assumed it was.


As for putting his hands on my body, I already do that. I don't really like ordering him around either, but occasionally I'll put his hands on my breasts, hips, etc.


Is there anything else I can do? Any tips or anything? This topic kind of went off on "blue balls" (sounds so vulgar.. is there another word I can use?)...


When I massage him like that, how can I tell when/if he orgasms? Is it okay to do that more than once at a time (like handjob until orgasm and then another one within just a few hours)?

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Okay, so I won't focus on orgasm for a while. Any other techniques I can use to make it more enjoyable for him?


And, just to clear up my confusion, how much semen is there when a guy ejaculates? I'm sure it varies a little from guy to guy among other factors, but surely there's an average amount...

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I don't think you should go so far as to get him to orgasm with his pants on. Don't forget, guys actually ejaculate so this could cause quite the mess. Besides, you guys are certainly going to get busted if he has a giant wet stain on his pants.


I have to agree with Tinkerbell, don't stimulate him too much to the point of ejaculation. Thats probably why he pulled close to you, as he felt it coming on. It depends on the guy I guess, but sometimes I can ejaculate quite a bit, and wouldn't want that in my pants thats for sure lol.


As far as blue balls, what the heck? I've never had that before, and have almost reached orgasm/ejaculation and stopped myself, and had no pain.

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