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I am confused...can anyone please help me out here...

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I am confused...Can anyone please help me out.


I want to know the difference between flirt and compliment. How do I know if a guy is flirting with a girl and how do I know if a guy is complimenting a girl?


Also, I am wondering if a guy does not remember the girl's name everytime he sees her or even worst said the same wrong name to the girl, does that mean the guy lose interest in the girl and just don't care about the girl.


Also, if a guy watch/stare at a girl for a long time from far away and then suddenly comes up to talk with the girl, does it mean that he just want to be friend with her and that he is interested in talking with her?


Why does guy sometimes stare at a girl but doesn't even seem interested in the girl's conversation (ie forgets whatever that girl said last time he met her)?


Also, is it usual or awkward that sometimes in a conversation between a guy and a girl there is a break that both people are silent and then each of them smile at each other without talking for a moment? If so, how would you suggest that to not happen?


Lastly, when is it a good time to to get contact information from each other? Also, usually if a guy/girl likes each other, do he/she try to ask for contact information as soon as possible or he/she may be just too shy to ask?


Please give me a reply...thanks so much.

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A flirt is more playful than a compliment. It's more fun, funny even. A compliment is, well, a compliment. You'll know.


Forgetting your name? Has he been drinking? Maybe he's just teasing by making believe he's forgetting your name, or he really has a memory problem. Or he's self-absorbed, which is not good.


Staring means either he's interested, or that you have two heads and green skin. When he comes to talk, he's showing you that not only is he interested, he's got self-confidence. Good stuff. If he's not a good listener, though, and keeps forgetting what you said, that's not so good, unless he's just got a short term memory problem (there are ppl with this). He should be paying attention to you, that's simply being a gentleman.


Moments of silence are completely normal, and there's no need to be talking all the time. A good friend of mine once was afraid that because they had moments of silence, they weren't right for each other. Now they are happily married.


Good luck.

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