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Well if you are trying to please a female then there are five areas you have to hit to do the job effectively (im speaking externally).


2.Around the Clitoris

3.Vaginal opening

4.Labia Minora (inner lips)

5.Labia Majora (outter lips)


These can be stimulated with fingers since you said not orally. Women also have other sensitive areas that are away from the vagina.

Inner thighs

breasts (the whole breast, areolas and nipples)





Some females even have strange spots where they are more sensitive, the idea is to find out wut they are and have fun. Find out which areas she likes then you want to look for a sequence that drives her wild.

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what is the best way to pleasure a girl and im not talking about orally


Day_Walker is right the clitoris is the #1 way to pleasure a girl sexually and orgasmically.

read this guide: link removed

However some girls don't like this, some prefer other things, intercourse sex, maybe stroking around the clit but not the clit itself, many like to rub the clit on an object themselves etc etc, everyone is different. Some girls don't like clit play at first but come to like it.


could you be more specific? ie are you asking about your gf?

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