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Im am an 18 year old guy. I have had a scar on my face since i was 10.

I just wanted to if i should let this efect my self esteem greatly. It's only a small scar but i styll feel bad about it. I want to get gurls but im to shy to let them see it. it's in between my eyebrows. The worst place possible.


tell me is it worth worrying about?

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You are lucky because as one film puts it. Chicks dig scars.

If you look at the indiana jones films theres a whole sequence to explain how indy got his scar.

If you want to be cheered up go to the biography section of a big library or drugstore and look up Gene Kelly and Harrison Forde. Go to the index and look up scars. Danged if you dont find the word sexy in there.

There was a guy I went to school with who had a dead leg from polio. He didn't care and acted like a cool dude anyway. It didnt make him less or more attractive to girls. His personality rendered it irrelevant.

Don't give it a second thought. It might be a great ice-breaker. If girls ask you how you goti t, tel them the truth but in a charming funny way.

The key to success is turning your disadvantage to an adavntage.

Example Jlo. Before everyone wanted a tiny butt. Hersi s totally out of proportion with her small frame yet she has made it the most celebrated part of her body. Its all in the marketing. So go make every other guy jealous that he doesnt have a sexy scar.

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Don't let your scar effect your self esteem. You'll find many girls who find you attractive despite the appearance of a tiny scar. And if they don't like you because of something like that, they aren't worth your time anyway.


People will love who for who you are

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I dont agree with this toughness thing and I certainly wouldn't be collecting them One or two scars from one or two events is fine but if you are covered in scars you from lots of different things you only look like a hooligan, a very clumsy idiot or someone involved in crime. Toughness is an illusion. Scars rings or tattoos dont stop bullets or prevent cancer.

A baseball scar is fine but I once saw this guy on TV boasting and showing off his 21 gunshot wounds. I was older than him and was never shot at. I think this proves that I'm smarter than him. Nobody smart gets shot at on 21 separate occasions. AS for tought. I'm tougher than him because I still have my spleen.

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Yes I've kinda been there. I am 43 now but when I was a younger man my scars embarrassed me greatly. No, not embarrassment, I was truly ashamed of them. One injury was to a foot. I'd caught an infection in it when I was about 13 that completely ate away bone, cartilage, nerves and of course all the skin on both sides of the ankle. I had to have extensive skin grafts to it, with the skin being taken from my thigh and my butt. The bone was destroyed so the docs set the foot in a fixed posistion, meaning it couldnt move anymore. This caused my calf muscle to completely atrophy, giving me different sized legs and a limp.

I'd been a talented athlete and I was very vain about my looks. I couldn't play ball for school anymore and was convinced I was ugly, ruined, marked for life, all kinds of negative things. I couldnt shake the feelings. They had a great effect on my teens and twenties. You can think my scars were hidden by my jeans and shoes but I truly felt that they made me forever unattractive to the girls. My whole teenage years, until age 27 really, I wouldnt go swimming because I didnt want them to see. I turned away offers of sex with pretty women because I didnt want them to see my legs.

Thanks to the love and words of a few good women, I now know that it didnt matter that much to most girls. Perhaps the best line one told me is "It's only a problem if you let it be". They have also told me, "I hardly noticed it at first and then I forgot about it", "It never mattered to me", "you hardly notice it". I was making it more of a problem than it was.

I learned that most women are more worried about any little imperfection of their own than they are about scars on men. I've also been told that some chicks dig scars. (Recall that Prussian-German Officers were considered nothing without a battle scar, preferably on their face. You can verify this with old movies or even by watching re-runs of old "Hogans Heroes" episodes). It is we men who are so hung up on our partners looks, dont transfer that onto yourself.

I feel your pain. Mainly from experience, but also from counseling, I want to try to say that smart, fine, decent women are not going to be bothered by your facial scar. She is more likely looking at your personality and your "heart". I've little doubt that you are a deep thinking, feeling generous young man. This is what the truly decent, loving girls will see. The girls who cant see past a scar are shallow my friend.

I'm not going to discount your feelings. I know how painful this was for me. But I'll bet you are going to be okay. sksws

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I want to encourage you. I can understand how scars can make you feel very uncomfortable about your appearance, but don't let them! No one who really cares about you will ever look at your scar and think it makes you look ugly or anything like that. My boyfriends lower body, from the middle of his back down to his lower legs, is covered with scars from surgeries and operations that he has endured in his 27 years of life. He has Spina Bifida, and besides the large, disfiguring scars, he is also very short for his age, has little to no feeling below his waist, and has to wear leg braces and walk with crutches. He is very self conscious about his appearance, and needless to say he's endured a lot of cruelty because he's different. But his family loves him, and so do his friends... and I love him so dearly. In fact I think that these physical attributes make him a very beautiful and unique person!


Another example: I have a very visible beauty mark right above my mouth, and it's not the pretty, dainty kind! I have always felt very self conscious about it- I used to get teased about it ALL THE TIME! But now I see it as unique. In a way it makes me who I am, and many people think it's pretty neat!


So I guess what I'm trying to say is that when we look in the mirror, we see all of these things about us that make us feel self conscious. But I promise you that less than 1% of the people you meet will ever see the same negative aspects that you see in yourself.

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Scars are everything from birthmarks to tattoos. Big deal. and for those who make fun of others or dismiss you for having them they are not worth the time or effort. Because they too have something to hide that makes them uncomfortable. So please yeah I get queasy about the scars I had from surgery but you know what so does eveyrone else! And yeah what about blemishes ? How real is that people get those too and are sooo superficial please give me a break tell the rest to shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy what god gave you and kept your life going.

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