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Should I have been friends?

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You did the right thing in my opinion. I don't think that we can be friends after a relationship. I think that you have to almost forget the person to be able to become their friend again. Maybe in the future, but honestly, its not worth your pain/time.


Yes people do use that line because of guilt and such. Just stand tall, you did the right thing. Your decision for your own protection, not for hers.



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Hey if she is regretting and feeling like crap, then she is coming to realization. She WANTS your attention right now... let her figure the whole thing out on herself.... she will come out as a better person and not a weak individual.


Don't feel upset... worst thing to do is to be like Kerry at the moment, don't flip flop, stick with your decision and follow through.


ForAnother (Full on kerry supporter btw, but he is a bit of a flipflopper)

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