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very strange/weird/difficult situation!!!

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nearly a year ago a couple of girls that live near me came and started a conversation with me and my other mates (we were just hangin out). there i met this girl and we hit it off. however i didnt feel that i wanted anthing more then to be friends with her and she said fine, but she also said she's not gonna give up. this is where it all gets strange.... we have this weird relationship where we only speak to each other over msn or txt messages. she used to go to a school near mine and lives about five doors away from me, and we see each other all the time, but we've never chated face-to-face after that day. i dont know why neither of us have ever gone to the other and started a conversation. anyway we get on really well, we know each other inside out, and we're practically best friends.


well its nearly her birthday and when i asked her what she's gonna do for it (by sending her a txt, lol), she said all her friends have got other plans. she said she might just hang out at home. now i feel really bad cos we know each other really well but we never meet up. i sort of feel like taking her out for a meal and stuff but it feels strange. i also dont want her to think that its like a date. she probably will cos she's really emotional at the moment cos of family stuff. also there is the fact that she has never had a boyfriend after she said she wont give up on me! and its not cos she has difficulty attracting guys...shes a stunner! now i know i love her, but the fact is im not in love with her! and if she just asked i would do anything for her. but its weird cos of all the reasons i've mentioned above.


so what do i do? should i take her out and treat her?

but i need to do it so that she doesn't get the wrong impression. i know its probably a situation that most people have never been in or even heard anything like it but what would you guys/gals do?


please help!!!

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haha yeah bud, first of all get your sally self up and go over and talk to her. If you do i guarantee you will be surprised to learn all the different things you didnt know about her before. Also you say she is having family problems, go talk to her, let her know you have someone to talk to, and a shoulder to cry on. txt messages can't get deep, over msn it is easy for a person to deek out or hide some truth behind things they say. And if you love her, you obviously care about her well being right, so yeah obviously take her out to dinner. Im shure she would rather have a "friend" take her out to dinner than no one at all! All you gotta do to let her know its not a date is tell her, straight up, i wanna take you out to dinner for your birthday but just as friends. Trust me she will still be psyched she gets to spend her birthday with you.

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