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I can't seem to ejaculate? Why?

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I'm 15. And to be honest. I'm a point of stand still on the matter. I just can't seem to ejaculate at all. %99 Of all my orgasms are not followed by ejaculation at all. Regardless of how often i masturbate. Sometimes I really do wonder. Am I sterile, or am i just not part of the General group of males who are able to ejaculate after their first year of Puberty.


*Note: The %1 percent is from one time when I think I might of actually ejaculated ONCE. And that was it.

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Hello HimmelPferd,


I have to say it indeed sounds a bit strange you are not ejaculating at the age of 15. However, it might really just be that you are developing a bit later than the average, so that you would not have to be too concerned.


However, if it does concern you that much and you really think that there is something wrong it would be advisable for you to see a doctor on this topic. I know it always is a big deal for guys to see a doctor if you are not "really" ill (at least that's the case with me), but after all they are medically trained and experienced (or at least should be... ) so that if there is something wrong they can help you with it...


All the best...

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"Perhaps you are getting to a peak but not getting over that peak to ejaculate?"


I don't quite know what you mean by that JonnyG. But for the most part, you've just about got a bullseye. After i have an orgasm, i do feel like stopping, and of course end up flaccid like i have just ejaculated. However, it doesn't really seem to matter whether or not I continue or stop. Nothing happens after orgasm. So... I can't really say much at all, other than the fact that sometimes i get a massive amount of pre-cum, during self-gratifying myself, but orgasms still remain dry. -= Sigh =-


P.S: Steve Naive; Good advice. I was thinking about talking to a doctor. But i'm not quite so sure.

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I ment u get to a peak level where u are about to ejaculate, but u can't get that xtra sensation to make yourself ejaculate. However u have answered this with the rest of your reply as u say u feel like stopping and go flaccid quickly (the exact result of after an ejaculation), so it would appear u should be cumming.


hhmmm, perhaps your body still hasent started growing down there properly. It sounds as if u may not actually have sperm yet. It would be worth going to the doctors to get a check up. Your probably just developing a little on the late side or something.



EDIT: I just had a thought. U could be one of the rare people who ejaculates the wrong way i.e. into your bladder. Supposidly people who can ejaculate the normal way can ejaculate into there bladder by pushing firmly on the area behind the testys. This is ment to force the sperm into the bladder (Got to admit, when i have tried it i've been a bit worried about damaging myself so I've never got it to work). Anyway, is your urine cloudy after u have masturbated?

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Most of the time it's just a normal yellow or clear as water when i urinate afterwards. However, it still comes out faintly cloudy sometimes.


I hope i'm developing slowly, even if it's way to slow instead of ejaculating into my bladder. Also, I kinda feel like I should stop masturbating all togethor. Not much of a point to me if i can't ejaculate. - Heavy sigh =-


However, I did ejaculate one time ( I think that is what it was ), like.. several weeks ago. After an orgasm at that time, a medium amount of white thick fluid came out. Nothing has come out since upon orgasm, which was a killjoy and still is because I was hoping I would be able to do it again and that i was finally devolped there. Guess not.

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Well it sounds like u have ejaculated properly before then. Im not sure why u would of one it once but not again. U should see a doctor about this to put your mind at rest. And u don't need to actually ejaculate to make it worthwhile masturbating, the fact is that its the orgasm were all trying to get, cleaning up after is just annoying

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Yeah.. i guess. But you know.. cumming once like 3 months ago, was the first and last time I've ever cum. It seems very far-fetched and damn frustrating. I also guess that having to clean up the mess could be annoying as well. But i wouldn't know.


*Note: The first and last time i've ever cum wasn't just completely white, it also had a tiny mix of clear fluid as well.


Thanks Steve, Jonny G. Btw, Nice gizmo picture.

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