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i called him first--is this really bad?


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i hooked up with a guy about a week ago and he got my number. we go to the same school and although he never called, he came up to me twice and talked to me, asking what i was doing at night and stuff. i got insecure and looked him up and called him, and i think it put him off. is there anyway i can set things right, or do you think i totally blew it?


by the way, during the stupid call he told me what he was doing and asked me if i wanted him to call me, and i said yes, but then i went out and did my own thing because i was embarrassed.

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HI Kekep,


When you say you "hooked up" with this guy, does that mean that you became friends or suggested more from this point on? I assume you gave him your number?


You are being (and don't take this the wrong way) forward with this guy, almost spoiling him and are giving him all the choices, by giving him your number and then calling upon him.


You haven't blew it, but I'd just procede with caution, don't make such an effort, chill off for about a week.......you'll know if he is interested if he calls you or starts meeting you by "chance" in school!!!


Keep us posted! and all the best!

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