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Friendship communication

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I have a handful of close friends. One thing is for certain, no matter how long of a time elapses between when we talk or see each other, we can always just show up on each others' doorsteps for no particularly good reason, and stay as long as we need to.


One friend that I just went to see last week, we hadn't spoken for over a year. I know that's not typical but we just got busy and forgot to call. I don't think there is a time limit, so long as when you do talk you can tell each other everything that you want to and not be embarrassed or have them pass judgment on you.

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I made a brand new friend (by coincidence), or at least an acquiantance friend, this past July. We got to talk-talk and chit-chat one week in July (because it was convenient for him), and I really miss that!!!! I should've taken more advantage of that era because now it seems our paths don't cross that often and don't get to talk/hang out in that manner like we used to. I LOVED that time!!! It was just so awesome realizing I could have a friend to relate with on the same level and we laughed!!!


Last week was his birthday, and I caught up handed him a birthday card with a touching message basically thanking him for that friendship offer (a long story how it arose, but I don't want to explain because it tends to get misunderstood/misread when I do!), but I haven't received a comment since last Wednesday. I know he is a very busy guy (he's a photographer, a part-time student, works fulltime, house-sits, etc, etc), so I have heard he is extremely difficult to get ahold of.


My question is like yours.... about the "how often to communicate" without sounding demanding or imposing but also praying/wishing not to be forgotten. I wonder the same thing...

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