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I think this girl likes me. what should I do?


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there is a girl that I think likes me.. I am anot sure.. well here is the situation.. I noticed that when ever she sees me in the cafetorium or in the hallways in the university she sord of looks at me but for a quick period of time.. well this happened in more than one occasion. on Friday me and one of my firends were sitting in one of lecture halls (its a big one witha capacity of 525 students) and I saw her entering the class with a friend and was walking up the stairs to find a seat.. they were planty of empty seats. there were 2 seats empty beside me.. she came upstairs and sat right beside me!! her friend told her "let's go seat somewhere else but she said no" so she sat bedie me and her friend sat somewhere else. this was a nice surprise in the first year univeristy! 8) she is very cute by the way.. I think she is arab. well after like 10 -15 min that the lecture started and the prof was talking she asked me if I was Lebanese, I said no I am persian.. she asked me a coule of questions and so did I and that was how we started the conversation. she had a class afterwards but I had a 1 hour break so we said goodbye.. "and see you later"..


ok here is the question? do you think shes likes me or that is just a co insident ? I showed that I am enjoying her company and I like the conversation. l should I have done something else? like asking her for her number or should I wait until she ask me.. you think she will???

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Hmm that's a good one. If she sits next to you next time in that class you might want to ask her if she would like to do something later in her free time. If she doesn't then you can let it go or you can go sit next to her. If you like her then sit next to her there, if you couldn't care less then don't bother.


That's my opinion anyway.

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well here is an update..

I thought that was a on time thing.. but today she sat beside me again, so Iam guessing she likes me., we talked sbout school and stuff.. do you guys/gals think that she likes me . or not? what do you think I shoud do?



thank you very much

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