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The best thing would be to relax and not worry what he thinks, if he has only french kissed once before, then he really isn't going to be very experienced himself. Believe me, the more you worry about it, the less likely you are gonna enjoy it.


If you're really feeling like your lack of experience is going to ruin things, then you can do some reading on what makes a good kiss, that way you'll know how to do it and probably learn a few things that he doesn't know.


Here's the website that I first learnt the basics on:


link removed



All the best


- Garnz

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He has only done it once and probably feels nervous about kissing u. Who's to say that the girl he kissed was any good and he could kiss as badly as her for all we know.


Like the advice has said above, it comes naturally. Just kiss him lightly and gently play with the tip of his tongue with yours. When u both get more confident u both might want to kiss a little deeper. Just take your time. You'll love it

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