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OK i do not have time to go into details......but my husband and i have been separated for a while now and basically it was me wanting it first and now it is all him. he is so angry at me for all i did..anyway, he came in today from dallas (4 hours away) to see our daughter. I have been living with my parents and his. I am trying and doing everything i can think of to win him back. but nothing works. but he is here. we haven't see each other in 1 month. what do i do?? he took our daughter to his parents house to visit with her and he told me it would be awkward if i went over there because he only came to see her. i am so fine with that. i want them to see each other. but he is here. is this my chance to show him how i feel. do i go and beg, or sit over here like i don't care. do i go and lay it all out or do i let him just stay over there and then leave tomorrow without us. help me please. i am so desperate.

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me personally i dont feel 100% fulfilled until i know how i feel & know that i have been heard out. i dont live lifes in what ifs, shoulda coulda, woulda's. i would rather put it all out there in the open so at least the least i will gain is some self gratifucation. just expressing how i feel. but that to a person who isnt ready to deal with, can come off as bombarding, suffocating, & make him/her feel trapped & claustrophobic. it can go in so many different directions that only he himself will know how to react. its not possible for us to determine that. i wish it was. we fear to express our feelings b/c we are unsure of how it will be taken by the other. but at this point u are broken up & what do u have to lose i guess...thats how i deal with it. given im still heartbroken & destroyed over my ex, & now i am blocked probably b/c i expressed myself. but at least my feelings were heard...& one day he may reflect on those exact words that scared him away today & relize love WAS real & it was nothing to be afraid of...


but just have it set in your head, or even tell him this, that you had to give it one more try. & u will not do this again the next time he comes to see our daughter.


next time & times there after will have to be a calm non threatening environment.


goodluck i hope i helped...



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Sometimes when you push it makes the other person pull away more. I don't know if I would do any begging but be really sweet and nice. Try to get him to talk about anything. How are you doing? Be sure you have identified what went wrong so you can work on things not going right back to where you feel like you want out. Don't get in a panic. You can show you care but he may still need time to cool off. I know how it is. You want out, you get lonely and want back in. You start to remember things better than they were. Things can easily go back to the pattern that started all the trouble in the first place.

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