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ok so there's this guy i met this year that sits next to me in one of my classes. we're pretty good friends but he's always flirting with me. like yesterday i was working on my laptop and he kept reaching over and shutting it off and then i'd be like i hate you and he'd say no u know you love me. and then he's just always flirting with me. But then last weekend we had a dance and he was all over some underclassman, but then in class the following monday he was like i saw you at the dance and he kept like bringing the dance up and how he saw me there. i dno if he was trying to make me jealous or something. I think that i'm beginning to like him, but i don't know how to send him suttle signals that i'm falling for him. Do you think he likes me or is just really friendly??and how should i show him that i like him without scaring him away??

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This is very easy for you

first off from a guys point of view he definitly likes you and is flirting with you

so if you like him and you want to give him signals its very simple for you as the girl

all you have to do when you see him is say hello to him and not wait and always speak to him happily

then when you get into a conversation ask him what he does over the weekend or what hes doing over next

he should then know you are giving him signals and for some reason if he doesnt ask you out try and make that more obvious and tell him he is very funny and you would like to hang out over the weekend and offer your number to him

he can not refuse that.

hope this helps

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