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my confusion is getting clearer....but still confused


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i liked this girl, asked her out she said she already had a boyfriend and got pissed at me. now they have broken up and she is being nice to me. a couple of weeks ago i was talking to her on msn and i said i had to go, and she asked y, and i said i was walking my dog. she then said 'come down to my house and i'll walk with you, but you hav to hurry cause my parents will be home soon'. so i walked to her house, waited around for 5 mins then saw that her parents were home, so i just kept walking. now just the other day i was walking home from the park from playing basketball with sum mates, and she and her friends were walking down the street. they called my name and asked me to come down, so i did and we walked bag to my house and we spoke for 5 mins and then she had to go. so now i'm wondering if she likes me or not, and whether or not to ask her out

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she is 13 in a couple of days


oh yeah another thing i didn't mention, we have eachothers mobile numbers and a couple days after she broke up with her boyfriend she called me, but i didn't answer cause i was busy.....so i called back and she denied that she called but it came up with her number on my missed calls list, and in the end she finally admitted that she called and then we spoke for 20 mins

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