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What to do when you want girls, boys, and a relationship

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Kk realized I had feelings for girls about 5-6 months ago, and my best friend and I turned out to actually to want eachother and came out to eachother. But no one else knows, and now me and her are in an exclusive relationship and have proclaimed to eachother we are 'in love', i guess pretty much because we were also extremely close friends before any of this other stuff happened. Anyway we live about 1 1/2 hours apart and only see eachother about once a month, but we talk every day for hours and are closer than close, and are physical when we are alone together.


But the problem is, I still like boys.. and other girls. Now I don't know if the distance and fact taht i haven't seen my gf in over a month has to do with this, but lately I find myself strongly attracted to this one guy, like fantasize about him when I look at him. Same thing with one of my girl friends, I just look at her or talk to her and I want to kiss her soooo badly (i know she has only experimented drunk with girls ever).


I don't know why I have these "outside" urges,... is this a part of being bisexual, is this the distance, or is mine and g'f's relationship not meant to be!! I need help so badly, i just came home from hanging out with the other girl I have feelings for and I'm wanting her so badly! why!?!?!?!?! help

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Hey Ok, I really don't think you have anything to worry about. In ANY relationship, you will always end up being physically attracted to someone else, whether it's an actor or someone you know. You say you fantasize about this guy, well is it physical things you fantasize about, or do you imagine yourself dating him, being with him? The distance does not mean you are not in love with your girlfriend, it simply means you are lonely since you don't see her often, which leads you so think about doing things with other ppl. You need attention, affection, it's perfectly normal. Don't worry about it, if you really are in love those other people are simply every day distractions

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