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Her first bf, her first Kiss. How....

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Ok, the title kinda gives it away.


Im with this girl, im her first bf and will be her first kiss if we do. I cn kiss and i hav no problem with it, bt ive always been wiv girls tht have kissed before and this is totally different. I feel like i cnt kiss her and i know i want to, and i know she wants to. All her friends are pressuring us to kiss bt ive ignored tht because it is no fair wot so ever on her for her first kiss to be in front of other ppl, and also the first kiss of the relationship for me.

She is also sed to be quite frigid which doesnt help me one bit bt i suppose tht is becasue she hasnt hd a bf.


Were on skool holidays now and im goin to be goin round hers soon, i was hopin to kiss then. How do u rekon i shud go about it. Would it come over too strong if wen we were sat on the bed, which we prob will, i playfully sort of pushed her over ( so tht she would be led out flat) and just kissed her. ( remember shes already sed tht she is ok wiv kissin ) She has quite a playful personality. Or would it be better to do it wen we r standin about elsewhere.


Wot do u guys think?


Any comments greatly appreciated

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I'd say just go with the flow. When the time comes, read the signals that she gives you. Usually, it's a good idea to start slow, but if she has a playful personality like you said, then you can probably get away with more with her. Pay attention to her body language and go with your instincts.

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ok coming from a girl who just got her first kiss... hehe ok keep it short but sweet the bed thing is a little suggestive.. wait for the best opportune moment, be sure nobody is around kiss her(no tongue for now) and afterwards just hold her and it will b very romantic.. um second time i suggest still no tongue but a little longer ..like they said go w/ the flow and dont b all rushy and stuff u dont seem like the guy that would neways so i dont think u have nething 2 worry about

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I too, just got my first kiss, and we were in almost the exact same situation that you were. It was my first kiss, but he had kissed girls before, but for some reason was having trouble kissing me. I KNEW he wanted to, and I wanted him to.


At his birthday party a little after dark, his best friend took all his mates outside and entertained them, so we could be alone on his back porch. We sat and talked for about 45 minutes, holding hands and stuff. Then we were both kind of stiff from sitting down so we stood up. I was cold so I went over and hugged him. He held me and we swayed a little. We just sort of stayed like that for a little bit. Then, we were watching his friends play video games for a minute or two. Then he just says "Screw it, can I kiss you?" I wasnt gonna refuse! Then he pulled me away from the window we'd been looking it and started to kiss me. Lots of tongue, but from conversations we'd had earlier, I sort of expected that. At first, he wasn't really touching me, and I just had one arm around his neck, but we moved closer and stuff. We kissed for about 2 minutes, then sort of mutaully pulled away.


Amazingly, he said I was a really good kisser, despite lack of expierience. He was like... all mystified. I opened my eyes twice to see him, and he was so cute an into it.


Yeah, ok, I really went off on a tangemt there. My point is, don't sweat it too much, once you kiss for the first time its a lot easier. DO try to make it at least pretty good though, as she will remember her first for the rest of her life.

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Sorry, i forgot to say, we had our first kiss last friday . it was a totally unplanned, spur of the moment type thing in the middle of an empty school corridor. It was amazing. Shes never kissed before and yet she is the best kisser i have ever come accross. Thnks for your help guys, its much appreciated

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