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Mind over matter, I guess I've got to get my mind right.

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I seriously don't get how I can still feel this down. He doesn't want to be with me, he wants to be with a trashy snake of a person. I shouldn't care. I shouldn't be bitter. We weren't even together that long. It's been a solid month since we said goodbye. I know I have to move on for me, it's what I deserve. I like to think that I am a generally independent person, so why do I feel so lost? I know now that I loved him and I should be happy if he's doing what he needs to be happy (even if I can't understand his choices) so why I do feel like this is all wrong? Why do I feel like this is such a mistake and that our time together was too short? I haven't cared about anyone in years, it should be easy to go back to just not caring. IDK, maybe tonight is just bad.

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Yeah you might just be having an off night. Don't beat yourself up about it! Just be sure to vent tonight and try to keep yourself distracted. Do something you enjoy!

I'm sorry youre feeling the loss though, but thats normal. The loss of what could have been really sucks. I hate dwelling on what you could have had. But you will be fine! Stay strong tonight!!

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Let him live his life on his terms; we seldom escape the consequences of our actions or choices.


You may never know, one way or the other, if this decision to end things was good for him in the long run or not.....but what's done is done - he made his choice, and you must abide by it and rebuild your life one day at a time.


Feel your feelings...examine them and what triggered them so you can easily face them and understand their root cause the next time this melancholy feeling takes over your thoughts and emotions.

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