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Adopting an older cat while you already have two younger cats?


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If your two cats get along well and the older cat is good with cats, it could be just fine after they all adjust. The two existing cats won't be happy at all about a newcomer at first. The older guy will need some time to settle in. Keeping them seperated at first for a few days so they can get used to sight and smell should help the transition. Extra attention to the existing cats so they don't feel left out and kitty treats to all when they are being peaceful in one another's company.


If your boys aren't neutered, you need to get that done first. Also make sure you can afford this new guy financially and he's healthy. You don't need to bring in a FIV positive cat.

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well I did the opposite ..I brought two little girls into my home with a 7yr old boy ..


there was hissing and wailing and now it is all good.


my girls have each other to play with so pretty much leave big george alone , he gives them a wash now and then,

and a back hander when they get on his nerves , but all is well.


so you might find the same at your house , your boys might try and engage him in some play , but they will soon

get the message .


I think it will be fine , a bit of hissing and who the hell is this , but it should settle down .

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yes, the boys are both fixed. They are also very playful, i wonder it may be too much for the older cat?


Possibly. But he will let them know he doesn't want to play their games and find his own place to chill. The younger guys will also instinctively pick up on him being older and may not be so likely to initiate games with him. Of course, the older guy could be a closet kiddo and join right in too. ;-) The younger guys will settle down more as they get older. They're still big kittens at heart right now.


You won't know unless you try. Will the shelter let you take him for a week or so on a trial basis?

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@ shootingstar, I've done the same in a similar situation. But introducing 2 young females into a home with an established older male is a far different story from the OP's.


Bringing an older male cat into a home with two established adolescent males can be a recipe for vicious fighting. Especially when the older male is an unknown quantity. Adult males have been known to kill kittens and other adolescent males. The two existing cats may also gang up against the interloper in their territory.


So, I would advise caution and a getting used to one another period followed by supervised contact at first. If all things look well, with just a bit of growling and spitting, but no open hostilities or spats, then no worries and it should be OK.

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I have a 9 year old male cat who used to literally "spazz" at the other outdoor males outside. He'd hiss and sometimes even bulldoze through the window screen and chase them outside. I was worried about bringing home a younger male tabby (1 years old).


Both are fixed, but the younger male wasn't when I brought him home. I think the trick is to keep the "newbie" cat in a different room for the first night. Let them sniff each other under the door. Next allow them to eat together. Put their food in the same room and let them share this time together. Pet them at the same time too when they are more calmed down.


When the younger male and older male first met the older male hissed and growled. 3 days later the older male started copying the younger male and they chased crickets together lol. Now they are buddies and sleep beside each other and wash each other


Some cats never get along though! It's unpredictable sometimes but sometimes it'll work as well!

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