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Whats up with this girl?


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I'm crazy for this girl. Im a senior shes a junior (in highschool). We use to have a thing back in February, she ended it. I texted her for the first time since then two days ago. We were texting okay, she would sometimes text back right away, but then would take a while to respond. She kept conversation going. But she just then randomly didn't respond.


I then texted her today and we texted for like 3 hours. She was sending and and stuff like that. She kept conversation going, but then she just randomly didn't text me again.


Whats up with that? I will NOT double text. I follow her on twitter and she doesn't follow me, and she tweeted 20 mins ago, when she hasn't texted me in like 2 hours.

Im confused. Why would she be all and then stop texting randomly?


do i text her tomorrow or wait to see if she texts me?

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