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I know that I need to move on and learn from this relationship that ended, but I feel so empty and lost.


It really gets to me that every thing was wonderful with us and then he says he is letting me go so he could move back home. I told him before if he'd be happier back home that I'd move with him.


I just don't understand how or why someone would just go from loving you to not loving you in a matter of moments.

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i hear you all on these notes, after almost 6 weeks and no contact from him in 5 weeks my heart gives up hope of ever having answers, and everything had been so perfect with us too, no flaws no signals just gone in the space of a day, it is hard specially when he marrys an old g/f that just turned up within 3 weeks of meeting after no contact for 18 years. its very hard to understand and move on

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