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sex durning period?

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Hockeyboy is right, you can get pregnant during your period. It's unlikely, but it's possible. Some think it's disgusting, some couples don't have a problem with it.


As for how to make it cleaner... the only thing I can think of is messing around in the shower (not in the bath - can cause problems for the female). Really though, i don't think there is much else you can do, as you can't stop the flow of blood for that short length of time. At least not that I'm aware of. I know you can stop your period by taking the Pill a certain way, and it's supposed to be safe, but I personally am quite wary of messing with my body's natural processes too much.

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i know its ok to have sex during my period and all that junk, but i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it cleaner, i have had sex during my period before but i dont like it at the end when he pulls out and i see my blood all over him....any suggestion of cleaner ways is a BIG help.


You could get a diaphragm/cervical cup, as they can hold the blood back for a bit during intercourse. Or, as ayeka mentioned, do it in the shower. There is not much else you can do though, or just wait until lighter days or until your period is over.

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I've rode the red wave before, and I must say that during her heavy days I didn't like it. When it was light or spotty afterwards it wasn't really a problem, but I usually liked to wear a condom regardless (my ex was on BC). My ex-gf liked it every once in a while when she was on her period, but usually that was our sex break.

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Now, I had two girlfriends in the past who really did enjoy sex during their period. I know some might consider this awkward and I have to admit that it also took me some time to get used to it. However, there is nothing wrong with it...and yes is supposedly does help against cramps. Unfortunately there is not really a way to make it any "cleaner", at least not that I am aware of... Sex in the shower does sound pretty practicable though... Aynways, don't let those things stop you...

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