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Is he being nice or does he like me?


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OK I wrote a post earlier and everyone said he liked me well today went to his work and I saw him he was walking by once and asked me "what the hell are you dont here" I say "just getting candy" later I ask him where the bathroom is he says "I dont know"

*when i ask him questions he always repsonds with "I dont know"*


(by this time I really have to pee!) I say "Mike! Please wheres the bathroom?" He shows me, I leave for awhile with my friend we sit infront of where he works because some guy was asking us weird questions and calling us "two cute to be out waiting for someone" which kinda creep us out. So we stayed where there are lots of people


ANYWAYS he comes out to get the carts from the parking lot and asks "Is this the new hang out in front of albertsons on a satureday night?" I saw "well its kinda hard to go anywhere without a ride" He leaves then comes back like 3 secongs later and asks where I live. I tell him he looks at his cell phone saying "I get off work in like 40 mins I can give you a ride if you want to wait" BUt the thing is we waited for him for a over a hour he never came out his car was still there so he didnt leave. Could he have been avoiding me or could be still working or something?


this was a good day but I"m not sure if he was just being nice because i'm in his class or if he likes me...can anyways help me I would really like it

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this is a really strange situation. it sounded like he liked you from your other posts, buut he may have been in a bad mood on this particular occasion, I try to be as level headed as possible but sometimes I just have really bad days where i think the world is basically out to get me, and i find myself being rude or short to the people i'm friends with or love.



as for the incident with the car ... it suonds like he was just working (to me) i'm a lifeguard, and while i'm guarding my shift could end....it doenst matter unless theres someone there to take over....


as for the guy....thats why you should have a cellphone with e-911 capabilities...


the best of luck,


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