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I know im young and all but my GF always says she wants me to talk to her and stuff but she is really shy and doesnt talk alot so what do i do? I mean she want start a convo. and every time i do she doesnt talk alot and she says itd cause she doesnt want to talk about what ever it is. But then she waont tell me what she wants to talk about. I know all this sounds hard to comprehend but can some one tell me what i should do?

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Well my young compadre...you might try open ended questions to get her to open up a bit ... if you will. For example...without sounding like you are trying to get her to talk, you might try some general questions like, "What do you think you will do later on in life? I mean, what kind of job would you find cool?" If she answers with just a short reply, like, "A doctor." Then try finding out why...perhaps give her some avenues of direction like, "Helping? Money? People? etc..." The WHY question is one of the best questions to get others to open up as long as you are not annoying about it. Why does this concern you so much that she doesn't talk? If you were to write a whole paragraph to answer it then you will understand what I mean hopefully


Best of luck,


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Me being younger and due to the fact I have talked to people of that age not long ago, I agree with Cosmo to a point. I agree in the sense you should ask her questions, however you are still young and his example of a career wasn't great. I know it's just an example, but from my experience most thirteen year olds don't want to talk about jobs. Asking her questions such as her hobbies, movies, music, and friends in general seems to be a safe topic. If you know the same people, you may want to talk about them and what your likes/dislikes of them are. It's easy to relate and there are tons of things to talk about in that field. A little gossip can't hurt, and each day new things happen, so your conversations can be limitless. Also, you may be able to get her to laugh and have a good time.



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