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Asking ex to dance

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I just want to get some opinions on this. MY boyfriend and I broke up in july of this summer. It was a pretty mutaul decision because things were jsut not really working out and we were both to busy. We've remained great friends. Now, I never really stoped liking him, but like I said it wasn't really working out and it wa smutual. So SAdie Hawkins is coming up at my school and I am planning on asking him I think...Would this be okay? Or do you think it would just not work out again?

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If you say you are still friends, just go to the dance as friends and all should be ok. If you want to push a relationship, it may not be the best idea, but at least you can do it. I would only see it as a problem if you never talked anymore. But yeah, go and have fun. Have a good time and don't bring up the past if possible.



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