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two questions. . .

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Okay, so this is itsbean's friend. I can't join, and I don't know why, so i'm using her thing.


First question: My boyfriend and I have sex maybe about two or three times a month. And we've been doing it since maybe about June. We use a condom. Back in June, it hurt a lot, and then it stopped and I started to get pleasure out of it. We did it two days ago, and it hurt really bad, and I told him it did, so we stopped. Then we tryed it again today, and it still hurt. It burned a lot. We kept going for a few minutes, and it went away a little, but I had this feeling like that my area was being ripped at, it was a burning/painful type thing. Anyone know why?


Second question: I got my period about two weeks ago, and it lasted 5 days, like usual. But every day after it a bit of blood still comes out. It's not a lot, but it's still blood. For the past about 4 or 5 days it's been doing it. It's making me nervous. It started before my boyfriend and I had sex this month, so I don't think it's from that. Does anyone know why it's doing it?

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Sex doesn't hurt usually.


If you are burning/hurting, perhaps the condom is dry and you need lubrication. You may need additional stimulation from him too. Like oral sex or whatever it is that turns you on sexually.


As for the bleeding. Several possibilities, if you usually have regular periods and this is an unusual occurrence. Spotting or a little bleeding occurs sometimes, but a continuing problem, cramping with bleeding or odor indicates a problem.


1 You are pregnant or may be miscarrying.

2. You have fibroids or some sort of gynological problem.

3. You may have an infection.



I know it sounds scary. But there is a good chance that you need to see a doctor. It could always be something else. but those are the worst case scenarios and need to be examined.


Have you been to a doctor since you started having sex.

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Sweetie you should definitely go see your obgyn. Sometimes, women can have a reaction to the condom/lubrication which can irritate the area. It's best you see a doctor. There is no reason why you shouldn't be enjoying sex and most importantly be safe about it. wish you the best of luck!

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thanks guys. I am going to go the the doctors this monday, because it's the only time they were open to take me. I really hope i'm not pregnant, or have something wrong with me. I think i'm stop having sex with my boyfriend for a bit, and only have it on special occasions because I really do not want to risk getting pregnant.

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