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Can somebody tell me if he likes me as a friend or more?

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This guy my class is giving me mixed signals in my own opinion.

For a while we have had this flirting thing i guess u can call it. We just tell each other whats up? and make eye contact along with smiling. Hes a joker like he likes to make ppl laugh and hes really nice. But today he made me think he liked me maybe since he scoot up his desk infront of mine and started talking to me..But small talk like 2 words...


Im confused completley because of the fact he is such a stud and This other chick in my class..The exact opposit of me likes him Too..i want her to stay away or shes goin to catch a nosebleeder!


If anyone can help me out ide really appriciate it!

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To me it just sounds like he is just being friendly in his own way. To know if he likes you look for signs:

He'll look at you a lot

Talk to you a lot

Maybe get embarrassed

Crack jokes

Comment on how you look


But just keep talking to him, and maybe he'll drop hints if he likes you. Good luck!

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Yeah i guess he does just like me as a friend....I cant tell..NO BODY can...They all say i should just get to know him better...But the only thing we ever say to eachother is Whats up? so i geuss im juust the friend not the girl....BUMMEr but i guess it has to happened sometimes...

Do you or can u maybe Help me out On talking to him...?? Hes kind of In the nicest way possible The male "clueless"...lol?

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i still cant tell if he likes me...We flirt a lot now..And he likes to bug me


but in a flirtatious way...Maybe he does like me...But i dont know..I seem


like more of the cheerleader kinda chick and hes a jock but then this


other girl she is just her...shes not a cheerleader kind of girl or prep ya


know but shes got her own thing like she wears big tee shirts or


sometimes cute kinda shirts but she never really matches or


whatever...so i dont know if he likes her or not...Im confuzzled i guess

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You shouldnt let the other girl get to do. You need to ask yourself what it is you want, like is it worth working yourself up over a lost cause? Then again you need to get in there and strut your stuff. Best advice is to be super nice-guys always go for nice girls-and prove your confidence to the guy.


But make sure you stay yourself!

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