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Have i got OCD?

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i dont know, i think i have, but not as bad as some people have it.


at the moment its like touching things twice, having to do certain routines through fear of something bad happening.


but i have heard it gets very serious, when people wash their skin to pieces.


do you think i might have a slight form of it?

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Switch the light on and off like 10 times or so, touch things more than once, repeating things basically- or something bad will happen.


Wlecome to the Dark side


What sort of bad things do you think are going to happen?


They put me on seroxat but it made me suicidalso i stopped taking it. So i have it pretty bad ...trapped in this life

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Don't bother with the talk therapy larajenkins4... i had it. They just try and tell you that the bad things won't happen. But we just can't take that risk .


Once she said to me try and make the bad thing be that you get a cold next week when you come and see me.....


an guess what- i had a cold the next week!


Yes- it will get worse unfortuantely. Only you can stop it. All you have to do is convince yourself that these bad things won't happen. I havn't managed it yet.... and i have had it since age 5 ...

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it was on ITV, a couple of weeks back.


it was so weird to realise other people have the same things as me.


it can be quite embarrassing doing all the things, ive had it since i was little.


and apparently, it can get serious after 9 years, we only have the symptoms right now apparently. it can also lead to tyrettes!

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i'm 16, 17 in november.


tyrettes, or however you spell it, is when you swear in public, but you dont mean to, you cant help it, it just comes out. you cant stop it coming out.


im sorry for worrying you.


you've made me feel alot better that i've got someone else thats going through it too, im finding it hard to accept, but you've made it alot easier, thanks.


do you think it will get any worse for us?

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I don't think it'll get worse for you guys, a lot more people do that than are willing to admit it. I myself have my little superstitions or compulsive things I do. I just wanted to clear something up.


The swearing outbursts are not common in Tourettes patients. It's a stereotype. People with Tourettes have "tics" that cause them to involuntarily move muscles or make noises. Complex tics are the vocal ones, and they are the ones mocked in movies, and they're often automatically associated with the disorder. Also, I don't think OCD can elevate that easily into something else. It's true that a lot of people with Tourettes have OCD, but not a lot of people with OCD have Tourettes. Sorry I hope that makes sense.

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A lot of us have some funny habits, it's just the level that this gets to that would prompt a diagnosis. For every disorder that there is there are normal to elevated levels of exactly the same thing. For example we can all be a little narcissistic without having narcissistic personality disorder. Nobody's mood flatlines on perfectly normal - we can all swing a little each way without having bipolar disorder.


I'm not yet finished my degree in psychology, but a lot of my friends have. We were at a farewell dinner a while back and had a conversation like this. We'd all had a few drinks by then, and the table was full of psychologists, teachers and doctors. The topic was have you ever had any symptoms along the lines of OCD - and everyone had a story. It was all in good humour, and I guess we laughed about most examples. There was one woman who said she had this thing where anything she did on the left she had to do on the right -if her head was itchy on one side she'd scratch it, then scratch the other side. We had a bit of a laugh (she did do) but then she said a bit more seriusly - it was really awful though, I couldn't stop it.


I know one guy who can't eat coloured lollies (like M&M's) without separating all the colours. He really can't! No other problems whatsoever though.


I've been there too though. I used to brush my teeth all the time, but when a dentist said my gums were receding as a result I managed to stop. It wasn't easy. Whenever I brushed my teeth I had to take a deep breath, think of something else to keep me occupied, and then go and do that (I used to brush them 5 times in a row). I also had to stand to attention in front of the microwave before the timer went off (yeah - weird huh?). Also a habit I managed to break by making a conscious effort.


If it's not too serious see how you go. If you're aware of it and it's mild, you might be able to get past it.

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